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Checkers on Checkers! Playing with checker size, color, and texture but keeping it summery and fun. I’m obsessed with the cobalt blue heels that, yes, I keep wearing, but with no shame. People tend to think of neutrals like whites, blacks, and beiges to be the go-to color choices for mixing and matching. However, my never-fail color choice to add character to any outfit and frankly goes with way too many outfits to choose from is the wondrous cobalt blue. Can’t stay away! Happy Summer.


The Author

Inspired by people, places, and art. Embracing instinct, connecting to Japan, Seattle, and New York. Blogging about my personal style, and reflections of hybridity through the coexistence of Japanese and Western flavors.


    • Thank you so much! The shirt is from H&M, a recent stock of summer clothes and I believe they still have them up, the skirt is from a boutique in Japan, and the shades are from Buffalo Exchange, a second hand store in Seattle, Washington! I also checked out your blog page and had so much fun looking through your outfits! Do your thing and keep it up girl! xoxo


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